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Saturday, January 3, 2015

Fuselage - 6

January 3, 2015

30 hours, total 495 hours. Happy New Year! Two years into the project and I've completed the Mid-Fuselage and bottom skins, Section 21 of the build. I've started the forward lower fuselage. I have most of the parts prepped, but still need to prime and assemble. I'm guessing I'm about 3, 4 months away from moving to a hanger at KAVQ.

I had  friend and follow RV-12 builder, Tito, help flip the fuselage so I could install the fuselage corner and lower bottom skins. It's important to follow the directions regarding what rivets are actually installed and those that are installed at a later time.

Bottom skin is in place and ready to cleco.

 Prior to installation I primed the interior side of the skin.
 There are six access panels on the lower skin. Access panels are held in place with four nutplates each. In the next two pictures you can see the nutplate rivet installation and final product.

 I've stripped away protective plastic and cleco'd the bottom skin in place. I'm about ready to start the rivet process. Lots, and lots of rivets!

 At the beginning of the blog posts you'll see a full box of rivets. It's empty now- I'd estimate 6,000 rivets thus far!!
 Heres a phot of the installed skin stiffeners, F-1204Z left and right side.
 Bottom side access to the flaperon mixer bolt.
 You're looking at the forward step floor and temporary installation of the aircraft left and right step attachments. It really is amazing how strong the structure is once assembled.

 Pictures of the finished step assembly floor minus the steps. Floor skins riveted in place.
 Now we shift to the lower aft side of the fuselage and pictured below is the autopilot servo attachment bracket. A much easier installation when performed in sequence! [Reference the missed installation of the forward auropilot bracket assembly.]
 Couple of photos of the facet pump bracket, F-1048F with required nutplates.

 And, snap bushings in place! Rudder cable, fluid lines etc will run through these areas!
 Finally, a photo if the subassemblies that make up the forward lower fuselage, section 22 of the build.. Once this is done it's onto the sides and upper fuselage assembly.

Friday, December 5, 2014

Fuselage - 5

December 05, 2014
30 hours - 465 hours total- I've really lost track of the hours I've put in since October. I think this is a good estimate, plus or minus 5 hours. If I had my way I'd spend all my free time working on the airplane, but that's not reasonable. You've got to balance activities, make sure all members of the household aren't neglected. Then there are the chores around the house, the little honey do's and of course work to pay for the project.

As you can see from the pictures below, I have continued to make progress on the fuselage section. This section of the airplane contains many, many nutplates and a whole lot of dimpling. The RV-12 design is outstanding- I say that because it is a assembly that can be performed with basic tools. The design makes complete sense.

In this picture I have the lower fuselage section on it's side for some hard to reach rivets.
 A picture of an error- instructions said this would be a good time to install the Section-35 autopilot brackets. I ignored that direction because I was sure these parts were contained in the next kit. Wrong, that come with the fuselage kit. I had to cut this section out before installing a mounting bracket. I was able to get a hacksaw in to remove the material, and drill required holes with a 90 degree angle drill, but it was tight.
 See the nutplates- they're every place! This is a photo of the F-1203 bulkhead assembly with the Control Arm mount assemblies and left and right bulkhead doublers. The control column will mount here! Stick back nose goes up, up forward, nose goes down!
 If you look to the right, on the F-1203 bulkhead you'll see the Stub Spar receptacle. If you recall the stub spar on the inboard left and right wing, the stub spar fits into this assembly once the wings are installed.
 Another view of the 1203 bulkhead ready to install.
 Cleco'd in place and ready to rivet in place. You're looking at the forward end of the airplane.
 What do you see? Yep, more nutplates! You're looking at the backside of the 1203 bulkhead. These are the seat assembly ribs.
 Lower fuselage assembly- I keeps getting longer as I build forward toward the firewall. Again, you're looking at the forward or nose of the airplane.
Here's a photo, temporary installation. The 1203 bulkhead with the step ribs being installed- actually match drilled at this point.
 Another view of same assembly.
 Okay- today, 12/05/2014, I had a friend stop by to help me flip the fuselage on the bottom side. Need to install side and bottom skins next!

 In this view you can see the control column installed, and yes, more nutplates!
More to come!!

Sunday, October 5, 2014

Fuselage - 4

October 05, 2014 - 16 hours, 425 total hours on the project. This is a summary of work performed over the past two weekends. Focus of effort was assembly of the left and right seat floor assembly and associated subassemblies.

First task was to prepare all subassemblies that make up the pulley brackets; flaperon mixer are assembly; seat ribs; and finally, the left and right seat floor assemblies.

In this picture you can see the elements of the pulley and flaperon mixer assembly. Priming complete.
 Pictured here are the seat ribs. There are four ribs each, left and right seat.
 The pulley bracket assembly is then cleco'd and riveted.
 This  is the completed pulley bracket assembly that mounts between the middle two seat ribs of the right set floor assembly.
 Here is the completed flaperon mixer assembly. It mounts to the inside left seat assembly. The mixer is essentially towards the center of the fuselage.

 Here's an error that I'll point out. My mistake- if you look at the left nutplate attach, bottom rivet, you can see an extra dimple hole. The dimple die was off a little bit and I managed to create a new hole.
 Pulley bearing mounted between the two inboard seat ribs.
 Flaperon mixer mounted between  the two left inboard ribs.

 The next few pictures show the left a right seat floor assembly attached to the center section bulkhead.

 Bushings in place on all ribs. Still need to complete riveting of the assemblies to the bulkhead.

Fuselage - 3

September 7, 2014 - 18 hours, Total 409 hours

Over the past two weeks I'm made good progress. The last two weekends have been spent installing the baggage floor, or the aft portion of the fuselage. Work has included installation of the floor surface and supporting structure.
As you can see, I made considerable progress before taking my first picture. Not sure how that happened.
In the next few pictures you can see the left and right baggage skins and support structure.
View of aft fuselage baggage area. Baggage bulkhead and ribs. Also, center lower horizontal piece is the bearing bracket brace.
Baggage section tilted up to see baggage skins, left and right side.

View from the opposite, under side with supporting structure attached.
Nice view of the two bears bracket assemblies attached to thebaggage ribs.
I shoukld say- there are plenty of nutplates and the associated dimpling that must take place. Here's a view of a number of them from the bottom side.
A view of the nutplate from the top.
Pictured here are the spar receptable and support.

Here's a nice view spar receptable and receptable support.